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The benefits of a bioabsorbable polymer drug eluting stent

There are several types of coronary stents and depending on the patient's specific needs the doctor may choose to place a bare-metal or a drug-eluting stent. A drug-eluting stent, is stent with a drug added, to help reduce the chance of the artery being blocked again. This drug is released from the stent over the period, re-blockage is most likely to occur. The function of the polymer on the stent is to control the elution of the drug to the artery.

Once the drug is fully eluted in the artery, the polymer does not have a role to play. With new advancements in stent technology, bioabsorbable polymer stents are now available in which the stent has a drug and a bio absorbable polymer coating. In the newer generation bioabsorbable polymer stents, the polymer and drug coating are fully absorbed by the body shortly after the drug has been fully released. This promotes better healing by eliminating long-term polymer exposure.

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