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Coronary stents available in India. What are my options?

10 January 2024

A heart artery stent is a small mesh tube inserted into a blocked or narrow artery to help keep it open and improve blood flow to the heart.


This procedure, known as coronary stenting, is a standard treatment for coronary artery disease, a leading cause of heart attacks in India. Suppose anyone in your family is diagnosed with coronary artery disease. In that case, it is essential to understand the types of stents available in India and choose the available stents for your needs. Here, we will explore the different types of stents available in India and help you make an informed decision.

Types of Stents

Three main types of stents are available in India: Bare-Metal, Bio-Absorbable Polymer

Bare-Metal Stents
Bare-Metal Stents

Bare-Metal Stents are made of metal and do not have a special coating. They are inserted into the artery to keep it open, but they can also stimulate the growth of scar tissue that causes the artery to narrow again.

Drug-Eluting Stents
Drug-Eluting Stents

Drug-eluting stents help prevent the growth of scar tissue as they are coated with an essential medication to perform the task. This type of stent is often recommended for patients at high risk of restenosis (the re-narrowing of the artery). The medication is slowly released over time, helping to keep the artery open and reducing the risk of restenosis.

Bio-Absorbable Polymer Stents
Bio-Absorbable Polymer Stents

Also known as biodegradable or biodegradable polymer stents, is a medical device used in interventional cardiology and other medical fields to treat narrowed or blocked blood vessels. Stents are typically used to support and maintain the patency (openness) of these vessels. Unlike traditional metallic stents, which are designed to remain in the body permanently, bioabsorbable polymer stents are designed to degrade and be absorbed by the body over time.

Coronary Stent Procedure

The coronary stent procedure is minimally invasive and usually performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure, a flexible thin tube called a catheter gets inserted into an artery through the arm or groin as it is guided to the blocked or narrow artery in the heart under the supervision of a heart specialist.

Coronary Stent Procedure

Once the catheter sets in place, a balloon at its tip gets inflated to widen the artery, and the stent is inserted to keep it open. The balloon is deflated after some time, leaving the stent in place to improve blood flow into the heart.

Choosing the Available Stent in India

When choosing the most suitable option from the available Stent in India, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Type of Stent: As mentioned earlier, three main types of stents are available in India: Bare-Metal, Bio-Absorbable Polymer Stents, and Drug-Eluting. Follow the recommendation of the Physician, as he will help you recommend the stent that fits to fulfill your specific needs.
  • Cost: The cost of a stent can vary depending on the type and brand. Discussing the price with your doctor and choosing a stent that fits your budget is essential.
  • Quality: Quality is an essential aspect when choosing a stent. It is necessary to select a stent from a reputable manufacturer that the Indian regulatory authority has approved.
  • Effectiveness: The effectiveness of a stent is the critical aspect. You should go for a stent that will improve blood flow to the heart and bring down the risk of restenosis. The cardiologist is the right person to guide in this matter.


A heart artery stent is a life-saving device to improve blood flow and reduce heart attack risk. When choosing the available stent in India, consider factors such as the type of stent, cost, quality, durability, and effectiveness. The most important thing is to work with your doctor to choose the available stent that fulfills the requirement. With a suitable stent and proper care, you can unlock the power of your heart and live a healthy and happy life.

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